Teaching has become more than reading, writing and arithmetic. Once in every school day a teacher will become a surrogate parent, a counselor, an advocate, a volunteer, a nurse, an administrator, an artist, a detective, a comedian, a researcher, an entertainer, a coach, a fundraiser... and the list goes on. But there is also a least once, in every school day, a moment is experienced, and it renews the soul and enables them to do it all again tomorrow.

I have learned to love all of these roles that being a teacher has challenged me to learn. But inside every teacher, there is a passion for something that they want to share with their students, believing it will enable them to be great in their own unique ways. It is why they teach. Mine is nature education in the city, especially in early childhood. Most of my lesson plans and activities are nature-based for early childhood, but I have found that older students and adults, especially those who are not regularly exposed to nature, enjoy them as well. No matter what your teaching passion is, I think you will find something fun for your students. If not, just ask.     

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