Pillow Case Tutorial

When I first decided to learn to sew, I thought it would be fun to make skirts and shirts and thought, because I was already crafty, I would immediately become a seamstress.  Although my first project wasn’t horrible, I had (and still have) a lot to learn. I felt overwhelmed by everything there was to learn, struggled with tasks as simple as cutting straight, and considered giving up.

But it was during one visit to the fabric store, that I found my inspiration to not only learn to sew, but eventually to create Shop for Hope.  It was among all of the colorful and fun fabric prints that I saw a flyer for ConKerr Cancer and how sewing pillow cases can be a simple, meaningful support to children with cancer. I am close with the struggles of childhood cancer that children and families endure through my work with The Hope Express, so I immediately knew this was a sign from God not to give up.  If I continued to learn and practiced by making pillow cases, I could improve my sewing and make a difference. It also gave me an excuse to buy all of the fun and colorful patterns that I loved, but wasn’t sure what to make with them.
So with a new sewing machine from my Mom, sewing lessons from an incredible instructor at the Mt. Airy Learning Tree, and bright, beautiful patterns from Gaffney’sFabrics, I was set to create and make “a case for smiles.”

It has been about three years now and I have continued to learn and improve on new techniques and projects, but sewing pillow cases brings me the most joy because I know that joy will go with it, through the mail, to the hospital and into the loving arms of a child with cancer.

You too can bring smiles to children who are in the hospital, simply by sewing a fun pillow case. Pillow case are fun to sew and make perfect gifts, bedroom additions, Halloween candy sacks, wrapping for other gifts, etc. Make one for a loved one and one for ConKerr Cancer. Here’s how…

Pillow Case Construction (from ConKerr Cancer’s Website)
  • Use cheery fabrics for kids – colorful and fun as possible
  • Remember many patients are adolescent boys and girls, pillowcases appropriate to teenagers are always needed 
  • Cotton or flannel only
  • Basic sewing instructions
Looking for more challenging pillow case instructions? Try these methods.
Other ways to support ConKerr Cancer
 Shop for Hope
For every pillow case purchased at Shop for Hope, one pillow case will be sewn and donated to ConKerr Cancer in your name.    

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